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We are pleased to announce a brand new partnership with M-Yachts!

We have worked with them to create some brilliant packages for experiences you will never forget!

Rumple and Friends bring their own unique brand of hilarious comedy to these fantastic packages that will last either 4 hour or 8 hours.

You can choose from an umber of characters and packages that include face painting, extra games on the beach, and more!

M-Yachts are a phenomenal brand that bring absolute luxury to your experience.

“With luxury deeply rooted in all activities and exclusive access to targeted lifestyle partners, M Yachts’ concierge team crafts personalised itineraries and organises events that go beyond the yacht. Guests can enjoy a multitude of offerings including a harbour view party, an island celebration or an intimate gathering for corporates to host client meetings. Events can range from themed birthday parties for kids to enjoy treasure hunting, water sports, ranger shows and face painting with Rumple & Friends to Hidden Island tours exploring the gems around Hong Kong.

M Yachts also offers a vast number of activities on and off shore for more intimate gatherings. The brand has previously created yoga and spa experiences on board as well as exclusive whiskey tastings. Couples who are looking to say ‘I do’ on board can discover M Yachts unique wedding packages, allowing guests to celebrate with family and friends into the sunset at Hong Kong’s secluded beaches. M Yachts also tailors unique activities for the adventurous type including wakeboarding, scuba-diving and hiking.

We are very excited about these fantastic experiences!

Book your incredible, one of a kind experience today:

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