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Welcome to Rumple’s interactive story blog!

What is an interactive story blog? (I hear you cry)

Well, this kids blog is not just any story… in THIS story, you, the reader, can decide what happens next! Each week we will add to our story and our readers (thats YOU!) will then have some choices to make!

Will Rumple go into space? Under the sea? Who will he meet? ITS UP TO YOU!


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12 thoughts on “Rumple’s Interactive Story Blog!

  1. Scott says:

    I think Rumple should go left into the jungle and meet a a tiny little monkey who has lost her way. The monkey is rainbow coloured and smells like bubblegum. She has a terrible sense of direction, but loves telling really bad jokes. Maybe she is called Monkina.

    • MC says:

      Well Scott, this is very detailed and imaginative, I wonder if you also have a background in entertaining children! You’ll have to wait and see who Rumple meets this week. I especially like that her love of telling bad jokes apparently makes up for her terrible sense of direction. Monkina sounds awesome.

  2. Joyce says:

    Go to the sea where he can meet all the fish and sharks and whales. He might need to hold his breath under water.
    From Claire, age 6

    • MC says:

      Claire you are absolutely right, Rumple would definitely have to hold his breath underwater! Maybe he could use some magic to help him!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Rumple should visit the ocean and make friends with the dolphins and the crabs. If he is lucky he will find a mermaid too like Melody who I had at my birthday party. She was so funny. She could take him on an adventure.
    This is from my daughter Paige – thanks so much, this is such a fun idea!

    • MC says:

      Some great ideas here Paige! So glad you have met Melody mermaid already – she is so much fun isn’t she?! I think Rumple would love to meet some dolphins!

  4. John says:

    My son says go right and my daughter says go left. The joys of parenting! Great idea – they can’t wait to read next week. Hope you are well Matt! From John and Wendy

  5. Rebecca says:

    My daughter says left into the jungle as apparently thats where all the animals live. She wants Rumple to meet a tiger called Sarah (thats her name) and they can go on an adventure together.

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