Rumple’s Story Blog: PART 2

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Part 2

Rumple thought long and hard about his decision.

He looked left, and he looked right. The sun was shining and he definitely thought that cooling off with a dip in the sea would be a brilliant idea. However, it would be even better if he’d been on an adventure first! So he turned left, and walked towards the trees.

They were tall, and green, and full of life! Bright coloured birds flew in every direction as he approached and we walked down the mud path, deeper into the Jungle. He heard a monkey in the distance,

“ooo ooo ooooooo” he heard. He stopped to listen out for any other sounds, but since he had entered the jungle, no other sounds were heard.

A parrot flew over head and squawked,

“Hello! Hello!”

Rumple froze. Did that parrot just…speak?? He thought that it would be a lot of fun to meet a talking parrot so he called out, cautiously…

“Hello! My name is Rumple!”

“SQUWARRRRK! I’M TILLY!” the parrot had landed on Rumple’s shoulder and was shouting into his ear!

“Wow!” said Rumple jumping up and down with excitement! “You’re amazing! How did you learn to talk?” He asked

“SQUWARRRRRK! I READ A BOOK – SILLY!” cried Tilly the parrot.

“Wow!” said Rumple “You can read too! I’m very impressed!”

“Thats nothing” said a mysterious voice from the trees ” You should see her tap dance”..


“Erm…” said Rumple “Hello? Is somebody else there?”


Rumple relaxed a little. Tilly seemed friendly, and she seemed to know whatever the voice belonged to.

“I’ve brought some biscuits if you’d like” Rumple called out the the trees

Immediately there was a rustling and the trees above Rumple started to shake. They shook at the top, they shook in the middle, and finally, ever so slowly, out from the bushes crawled a, small, bright golden, very furry, monkey. She had big black eyes and a huge, white, shiny smile. Her tail was curled around a large, silver spoon.

“Biscuits. Are. My. Favourite.” Said Monkina slowly with a huge smile on her face. “I don’t have anything to give you in return though, only my spoon, and its my favourite psosession…” she trailed off

“Don’t worry” said Rumple brightly “I have plenty of biscuits to share! Just one question – do all animals in this jungle talk?”

“Oh yes” Said Monkina “This is a magic Jungle. We all talk, we are all friends, and we all LOVE BISCUITS!”

“Wow! A magic Jungle! Who made it magical?”

Monkina smiled “Thats easy – Ranger Runaway!”

“Who?” asked Rumple, confused

“Ranger Runaway! he’s very magical…super silly, and scared of everything, but magical! Shall I take you to him?”

“Oh I don’t know” said Rumple, unsure of what to do “I want to get through the jungle and meet more animals, but it would be fun to meet a magical Ranger!”







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8 thoughts on “Rumple’s Story Blog: PART 2

    • MC says:

      Ooooo your daughter is very clever John! Thats right Rumple is magical – I wonder what he could do? Maybe turn HIMSELF into an animal to talk to them? The next party should be out tomorrow (THURSDAY!)

  1. Stella says:

    Hi, my son thinks that Rumple should see the Ranger as he had him at his party and he was really funny. You guys do a great job as he still remembers you after nearly a year.
    Thank you

    • MC says:

      Hi Stella,
      We are so happy your son enjoyed having the Ranger at his party! He really is super funny! Check out our upcoming part tomorrow to see what Rumple does!

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