Rumple Story Blog: Part 3


Part 3

Rumple thought long and hard about what to do. He quickly checked the comments section below the story blog in Part 2 and decided that he would….

GO AND SEE THE RANGER! (Thanks everyone for your help and fantastic ideas!)

“This Ranger sounds amazing” Said Rumple “Take me to him!”

Monkina smiled, took another biscuit and pointed upwards.

“We must climb” She stated.

Rumple looked up. It was the middle of the morning and the sun was shining brightly, but here the sunlight couldn’t get through, due to the thick leaves, long, strong vines, and huge thick trunks. Luckily, the trees had plenty of low branches for Rumple to be able to reach and begin climbing.

Tilly simply gave Rumple’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze and flew up above Rumple head and landed on a nearby branch.

“Oh, how I wish I could fly!” said Rumple.


Rumple and Monkina began to climb a huge brown tree, covered in soft moss, incredibly thick branches, and huge leaves. They began slowly, with Rumple taking his time and Monkina leading the way, before waiting for Rumple to catch up.

The higher they went, the thinner the trunk grew, and the more branches there were. All the branches from the surrounding trees criss-crossed so much that it was almost like climbing a ladder. Up and up they went, the sounds from the floor of the jungle disappearing slowly, until at last, just as Rumple’s legs were getting really tired, he tried to take one more step but Monkina yelled:


Rumple looked down. There were no more branches! They had reached the top! Rumple looked up and around and gasped.

They had emerged above the treeline, and Rumple could see across the whole jungle! Up here the leaves were massive, trying to get as much sunlight as possible. There was only one problem.

“Erm, where is the Ranger then?” asked Rumple, disappointed to discover he didn’t live in a treehouse up here.

Monkina grinned and then pointed out across the jungle. Rumple covered his eyes and spotted a lake, quite far away, and in the middle of the lake, a small, wooden house, surrounded by a jetty.

“Great!” said Rumple. “But, why did we climb all the way up here just to look over there? Now we have to climb back down and walk!” he cried, his legs wobbling at the very thought.

“No” Monkina said “We fly”..

 “SQUWAAARRKK” Yelled Tilly the parrot suddenly “I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!”

Rumple gulped.

“How do we fly? I don’t have wings!” Rumple was scared. He didn’t want to get hurt falling from such a great height.

“We use this” said Monkina.

Rumple turned round to see Monkina and Tilly sitting on a giant leaf on the very top of the tree. It was huge, flat, and very, very, green. Pointed at one end and round at the back it was almost the shape of an aeroplane, and so big it fitted Rumple easily as he clambered carefully aboard.

“All aboard?!” yelled Monkina

“SQUWARRRRK!! ALL ABOARD!” screamed back Tilly.

Rumple gripped the edge of the leaf hard as they all leaned forward and Tilly bit the stalk free from the tree. The leaf slid forward on the back of several other leaves, and then, as if by magic, the wind caught the bottom of the leaf and they were off!

The leaf lifted up high, high above the trees. Rumple let out a “WOOP!” as the leaf turned left and they were granted an incredible view over the top of the jungle, they could see birds flying over the canopy, monkeys swinging on vines, and even, wait…was that an ELEPHANT? In a flash though it was gone as the leaf circled round and dropped lower. They were headed towards the lake now and began circling down lower and lower until the house was visible clearly below them. They began circling faster and faster now as they got lower

Rumple peered over the edge of the leaf and saw a man now, outside the house on the little wooden jetty. He was smiling and waving and…whistling. Rumple could hear it now, it wasn’t just wind that Rumple could hear in his ears, there was music too, a high pitched and beautiful whistling was mixing with the wind, directing the leaf!

Rumple let go of the edge of the leaf, stopped trying to steer it and let the leaf be guided very gently down onto the ground. He jumped off with Monkina and Tilly and stood to greet the Ranger who was smiling and walking towards them.

“Hi Rumple” he said “I’m Ranger Runaway! ARGH!” he yelled as Monkina jumped up onto his shoulder. “I do wish you wouldn’t do that! Anyway, sorry, I’m a little bit scared of….well, everything really. I don’t let that stop me though, I simply LOVE animals! Do you like my jungle?”

“Your jungle?” Rumple asked? “All of this is yours?”

“Well, I don’t own it, but I do look after it, and all the animals and trees, and plants within it! You see, I am a little bit magical and well, I thought who better to help than the animals! I wanted to find out how to help them, so I gave them the ability to talk!”

“Thats amazing!” said Rumple, who was almost too excited to stay still “And, what did you find out about the animals? How can we help them?”

“Well” said Ranger Runaway, his face darkening with a frown ” Thats the problem. All the animals I have spoken to are really scared.”

“Scared?” asked Rumple “Scared of what?”

“A monster.” replied Ranger Runaway. “A monster that is destroying their homes. They told me where I can find it, and I was just building up the courage to go, but I just can’t do it alone. I’m too scared.”

“Oh no, that must be terrible. Can’t you find anyone to go with you?”

“Well, theres always…” asked Ranger Runaway, looking at Rumple.

Monkina and Tilly stared at Rumple too, wondering what her would decide…..






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