Rumple’s Story Blog: PART 4

rumple and friends

Part 4


Rumple didn’t have to think for long!

He looked at all the suggestions from week 3 and decided to help Ranger Runaway! Remember, if we are able, we can always help others in need!

Rumple smiled and nodded,

“Of course I’ll help!”

Ranger Runaway looked relieved,

“Oh good!” he said “I was a little scared I was going to have to go alone!… So, we are heading across the lagoon, through the swamp, across the rickety bridge, up the fiery volcano, to find the monster” he said quickly

“I’m sorry what was that?” Rumple asked

“Don’t worry, sure it will be fine. First, the lagoon!”

Rumple and Ranger Runaway packed two large bags with everything they thought they would need. Ropes, bug spray, biscuits, sausages, pots and pans, more biscuits, a small ladder, a soft toy unicorn, and finally, some biscuits.

Tilly helped bring the items carefully to them. Monkina ate biscuits.

Finally they were ready, lifted their packs onto their shoulders and opened the door. They stepped out onto the wooden jetty and looked out across the lake.

“Where’s the lagoon then?” asked Rumple “Isn’t a lagoon by the sea?”

“Yes” said Ranger Runaway “We’ll take my boat across the lake. There’s a hidden cave in those rocks over there that leads out to the sea. We can either go through the cave…or go through the swamp. Both lead through to the sea. What do you think?”

Rumple looked across the lake and could see a small, very dark opening, between the rocks. Then he turned towards the right and saw a brown and muddy swamp with high reeds reaching out of the marshy water, towards the sun. The darkness of the cave? Or the mud of the swamp?  Rumple didn’t know what to choose…








Leave a comment below to let Rumple know which path to take!

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