Rumple’s Story Blog: Part 5

turquoise blue lagoon

Part 5

As they climbed down into the boat Ranger Runaway turned to Rumple

“Have you decided which way you want to go?” he asked

“Well, I had to check with my friends but I think the best idea is the cave, I don’t fancy getting muddy and having to wash my pants!” said Rumple

“Ewwww! You’re probably right, ok, the cave it is!”

They jumped down into the boat, the scorching sun shining down, high in the sky now , the water sparkling. As they set off Rumple looked down into the clear water and could see fish everywhere! He dipped his hand in as they sped off across the lake and the fish followed as fast as they could!

“Do you want to see a trick?” shouted ranger runaway over the noise of the engine

“Sure!” Rumple shouted back, he was having so much fun in the boat he was excited for anything!

Ranger Runaway turned the boat towards what looked like a small mound of earth in the water. They were getting closer very fast, Ranger Runaway was heading straight for it!

“Erm Ranger Runaway? Arent we going to hit that…thing?” Rumple shouted

Ranger Runaway didn’t answer, he just turned back to Rumple and gave a huge smile…and sped up. Faster and faster the boat moved towards the mound in the middle of the lake. Rumple gripped the sides of the boat as it sped up.

As they got closer to the mound in the lake Rumple could see it better. It wasn’t a mound of earth and they weren’t going to crash into it…it was a ramp! The boat continued speeding up faster and faster and fast until… WHOOOSH! The boat shot up the ramp and into the air!

“WAHOOOOOO!!!” They both shouted, hands held up high, the wind hitting their faces as the boat sailed easily through the air.

They rose higher and higher above the lake, so high they almost hit the clouds! Then the boat tipped and they started heading down, down, faster and faster towards the water.

“OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” They both yelled as the boat plunged down and hit the water with a huge SPLASH!

“Phew! That was crazy!” said Rumple, relieved they had survived.

He looked around and saw they had flown over the remainder of the lake and had come to the edge of the lake where the rocks began and climbed up high, and through the middle, a large crack that went deep into the rocks, in to the cave.

The boat slowed down and headed towards the small slip of water that led into the cave. The light behind them quickly became smaller and they turned on the torches they had packed as the cave became darker and darker.

Something moved above them and Rumple turned his torch upwards. Something moved in the darkness. Something touched Rumple’s shoulder.

“ARRRRRRGHHHHH!” Rumple shouted, almost jumping out of the boat and grabbing hold of Ranger Runaway’s top “SOMETHING GRABBED MEEEE!!!!” He shrieked

“Yes” said a voice. “It was me”

Ranger Runaway turned his torch, “Oh” he said “Its just Monkina, she was hiding in my bag early with Tilly.”

“Well, of course” said Rumple “I knew that, obviously. I wasn’t scared. Not at all. I knew it was Monkina” said Rumple, still visibly shaking.

The darkness was now overwhelming and the only source of light was the torches, the only sound was the waves gently lapping at the rocks. Ranger Runaway slowed the boat down to a stop just as it came to a rest on the rocks. The boat could go no further.

They all climbed out and headed off into the darkness, climbing over rocks and being very carefully not to hurt themselves.

“This shouldn’t take too long. The cave is quite short but comes out of the other side by the sea!”

They climbed carefully over the rocks in the darkness, their torches, and Tilly the parrot, who could see better in the dark, leading the way. They had been walking for what felt like ages when they came to what seemed like the edge of a cliff. The world seemed to stop and no matter how bright their torches were, they couldn’t see the bottom of this huge drop. They could however, see the other side.

“Lets go back” said Ranger Runaway “We’ll have to find another way” he sounded very sad

“Not a chance!” said Rumple brightly, “We’ll jump it!”

Ranger Runawy shook his head furiously but Rumple wasn’t listening. He charged at the gap and threw himself into the air, he soared over the endless drop and then landed with a thud on the other side.

“See! Its easy! The gap is super thin, you can do it Ranger Runaway!”

Ranger Runaway gulped, he had to be brave. He took one last look down the gap, took three steps back and ran was fast as he could. He threw himself into the air, but went higher than longer, he looked down and saw the darkness coming up fast to meet him, he wasn’t going to make it!

Suddenly he felt a sharp tug on his shoulder and he cleared the last remaining space and laded with a crash at Rumple’s feet. Ranger Runaway looked around to see what had saved him when Tilly landed gracefully on a rock nearby.

“Thanks!” he said “I wouldn’t have made it without you Tilly!”


They walked on and saw up ahead, daylight coming into the cave. They were on the other side!

They ran to the exit, happy to see the sun was still shining outside, and Rumple was super excited to see they had reached a beautiful lagoon! Turquoise water, white rocks emerging into the sunlight, lush green vegetation, with huge trees and vines surrounding it, and there, on the other side of the lagoon, a long, white sand beach.

“Wow! This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen!” Said Rumple.

“I know” said Ranger Runaway “Now, jump, or walk through the cactus field”

“The WHAT?”

“The cactus field. Look, from these rocks we have to climb through that field of cactuses to get to the beach, or we can jump… its up to you”

It was a long way down….







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