Rumple’s Story Blog: Part 6

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Part 6


Rumple took a deep breath, looked around him, up at the sky for what he thought might be the final time, and then he ran forwards and leapt from the cliff! The air rushed passed him and he let out a huge “WHOOP!” as he plunged into the incredible turquoise water below.

The water was cold and refreshing and when Rumple opened his eyes under water he could see hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of brightly coloured fish! There was flashes of blue, yellow, orange, red, and purple! There were stripey fish, spotted fish, rainbow fish, sparkly fish, slittery fish, big fish, a mermaid, tiny fish, happy looking fish, and WAIT.

Rumple spun round under water. He couldn’t have just seen a mermaid. Mermaids weren’t real! But then, neither were taking animals and Tilly the parrot and Monkina the Monkey had proven that theory to be wrong too! The fish were everywhere, swimming amongst the brightly coloured coral. Rumple couldn’t hold his breath forever so he rose to the surface, wiped the water from his face and looked up to see Ranger Runaway jumping from the top of the cliff! He fell fast and landed with a huge splash in the lagoon!

Ranger Runaway clearly loved looking at the fish too as it took him ages to come up for air as well.

“Wow!” he said when he finally surfaced “So many fish! That’s amazing!”

“Did you, see any, erm, you know….mermaids?” asked Rumple

Ranger Runaway burst out laughing “Hahaha! No! I didn’t bang my head on the way down! Mermaid’s aren’t real!” he said

“Oh really” said a voice “Then what am I, a talking dolphin?”

Rumple and Ranger Runaway froze. They looked at each other. They swam. They swam to the shore so fast that there was water spray and foam going everywhere, completely disturbing the quiet lagoon!

They landed on the sand soaking wet and spluttering after swimming so fast.

“Seriously, do I look like a talking dolphin to you?” The voice continued, not at all out of breath.

Rumple and Ranger Runaway spun round and came face to face with a beautiful MERMAID! Sitting on the shore, her bright green, shiny tail flapping gently in the water, laughing at them both.

“Are you a…mermaid?” Asked Rumple

“Well, DUH! Of course I’m a mermaid! This is mermaid lagoon! This is where mermaids live! Or, did, before something scared them off!”

“There’s more of you?” Asked Ranger Runaway

“Well sure, there’s all my friends, everyone! I’m Melody, by the way. Melody Mermaid.”

“Nice to meet you Melody!” Said Rumple “I’m Rumple and this is Ranger Runaway, he’s a magical jungle ranger who also happens to be scared of everything!”

“Oh, gee, thanks Rumple!” snarled Ranger Runaway “But Melody, what scared away your friends?”

Melody looked around, she seemed suddenly nervous and, almost scared.

“Well, there’s, there’s a monster on this island, and the animals say it’s destroying their homes! Oh I wish I could help, but I have to look after the lagoon, and besides, I cant leave the lagoon, no legs you see!”

“Ranger! That’s the same monster we’re trying to stop!” cried Rumple “Melody, we’re on a mission to defeat that monster too! Do you want to come with us?”





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