Rumple’s Story Blog: PART 8


Part 8


“ABRACADABRA! Of course! How silly of me!” Ranger Runaway held the wand high and counted to three, “One, Two, THREE!”

“ABRACADABRA!” They all shouted together!

There was a blinding flash of white light and then nothing. Melody looked at the glittery cloth and carefully looked beneath it. She let out a gasp and then slowly stood up. She threw away the glittery cloth revealing now only her tail but two feet at the bottom! Melody could now walk!

“Oh Ranger Runaway I love my new feet! Now I can come with you to help on your mission!” She said jumping up and down, trying out her new additions.

The three of the quickly made sure they had everything in their packs before heading away from the lagoon and towards the volcano. In front of them however, after leaving the lagoon, the beautiful vegetation just suddenly disappeared and ahead of the 3 of them lay a vast field, completely bare. No trees. No sounds. No animal. Just brown, dry earth. It was not pretty.  There wasn’t even any green grass!

They began walking quietly through this silent field when ahead, they saw smoke. As they approached they could see more clearly, something wasn’t right, there was smoke coming out of the ground.

“Lets be careful!” said Rumple and they slowed down and crept forwards carefully.

As they got even closer though they saw the smoke wasn’t coming out of the ground, because here, the ground gave way to a huge crater! A big hole in the ground has been formed and at the bottom of the crater, a space ship was smoking at the bottom!

“Oh wow!” said Rumple “A spaceship! Do you think its an alien? What if it isn’t friendly, what if it is? What do we do? WHAT DO WE DO!?”

“RUMPLE!” Yelled Melody, silencing Rumple immediately “Calm down, and just, breathe”

“Breathe!” said a voice behind them “You can breathe here on Mars, there no air!”

“ARRRRRRGGHHHHHH! They all yelled and spun round expecting to see a horrible alien about to attack them! Melody had picked up a rock, Rumple assumed a Kung Fu position and Ranger Runaway held aloft a small stuffed toy while he closed his eyes tightly.

Instead of an alien however, there was an astronaut! A very confused looking Astronaut.

“You don’t look like aliens” he said “You aren’t green for a start, and I can understand you!”

“We aren’t aliens!” cried Rumple “We are humans! Well, I am and so is Ranger Runaway, Melody here is a mermaid, which I didn’t know existed until today, but we are all very friendly!”

“A mermaid! Wow! I only thought earth had stories about mermaid! Not mars as well!” said the astronaut

“Erm, what?” asked Rumple “Mars? Whos on mars?”

The Astronaut looked around, confused, and then back at the three of them.

“We are!” he said “We are on Mars! My spaceship crashed here shortly after taking off from earth – its terrible really, I don’t know what I’m going to do!”

The three friends looked at each other andhad to try to stop themselves from laughing, but gcouldnt help it, and Rumple began to giggle

“Hey!” said the Astronaut, “Its not funny! What if I can ever get home!”

“Oh I’m sorry” said Rumple “Its just that, well, this isn’t Mars! This is earth! You must have crash landed back on earth! Now, I’m Rumple, and this is Melody Mermaid and this is Ranger Runaway, so, who are you?”

“What? This is earth? That can’t be right! The earth is a beautiful green place with flowers and trees and animals! Its lush and green and wonderful! This place is empty, silent, kbrown and, just, ergh! Oh, and I am Astronaughty the Astronaut!”

“Nice to meet you Astronaughty!” said Rumple “But this is earth, we are on a mission to find a monster who is ruining the earth for animals and all of us! We have just come through a jungle, across a lake, through a cave, across a lagoon and now we are heading up to the top on that volcano to find the monster!”

“Great stuff! I want to come with you! I assume you brought weapons!”

“Weapons! We didn’t bring weapons! How are we going to fight a monster without weapons! Cried Ranger Runaway, clearly very scared

“No weapons? No problem!” said Astronaughty “ I have some here on my ship, take a look, what do you want?

Astronaughty opened a compartment on the side of the space ship and everyone gasped! Inside the box were the most incredible, and silly, weapons imaginable! Melody quickly picked a popcorn tipped arrows and candy bow, and Ranger Runaway chose a candy floss lasso!

Now it was Rumple’s turn to choose

He had 3 options….


  1. Jelly bean slingshot
  2. Liquorice Whip
  3. A giant Gobstopper




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