Rumple’s Story Blog: Part 9

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Part 9

Rumple checked the Jelly Bean Slingshot was accurate by aiming it high into the sky and firing a jelly bean up into the clouds, waiting for it to fall, and then skillfully catching it in his mouth!

Melody, Astronaughty and Ranger Runaway looked very impressed as they all checked their bags and new items before beginning to climb the volcano.

While they had been waiting, the weather had closed in and dark clouds now covered the sun, but they weren’t the usual grey that Rumple was used to. They were dirty brown, the same as the ground they were waling on.

“Why are the clouds that colour?” he asked to everyone

“Oh, that. You’ll like this rain!” said Ranger Runaway

“Like rain? I hate being wet – and we have a mission – what could possibly be good about rain?” Rumple said looking up at the gathering storm.

“You’ll see” said Ranger Runaway, and they pushed on, along the path and began to climb the volcano.

It was tough work. The volcano went up very steeply right from the beginning so it was very slow going. It had been a couple of hours walking when they heard it. It started quietly at first, like some one clapping very far away. The applause grew until it sounded like hundreds of people were standing and stamping their feet. Rumple, Ranger, Melody and Astronaughty all looked behind them and saw the rain coming, a huge sheet of rain was falling and soaking the dry earth with thunderous applause.

It hit them within seconds and they were all soaked, except, there was something different about this rain. It was brown! Just like the clouds and the ground this rain must have been just mud! Ew! Rumple tried to hide his face but when he looked at the others they were all laughing and standing facing up with their mouths wide open!

“What are you doing?!” he yelled “ You’ll get ill!”

“Ill? Why? Rumple you have to try this, its amazing!” Shouted Astronuaghty

Rumple was confused but held out his hand to gather some rain. He held it in his hand and brought it to his nose and sniffed. No. It couldn’t be, but Rumple stuck out his tongue andcarefully licked the liquid. It was. This wasn’t just rain. This was CHOCOLATE RAIN!

Rumple and the others danced about splashing in chocolate puddles and drinking the chocolate rain until the clouds passed.

“Well, that explains why they call this The Chocano Volcano, its must be all chocolate!” said Ranger Runaway!

They continued up the volcano when they came to a signpost that had fallen over. One direction read “FIERY DEATH – DO NOT GO THIS WAY” and the other read “EASY PATH WITH UNICORNS”.

“This is easy” said Astronaughty “Lets just follow the Unicorn path for a nice easy ride to the top!”

They all agreed and picked the signpost up and stood it upright. But which way round did it go. One path went left, and one went right! They would have to vote to decide…




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