Rumple’s Story Blog: Part 10

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Part 10

The votes were almost all in. Melody Mermaid suggested to take the right path.
Ranger Runaway had other ideas, voting to go left.

Rumple was very torn between the two so he picked up a small, purple pebble from the ground, placed his hands behind his back and asked them to guess which hand he was holding it in. “I’ll make a decision right away! Right. Well.  know that right isn’t always right but it seems only right to take the right path, right? So according to my intuition I believe the purple pebble is in your RIGHT hand!”, Melody Mermaid exclaimed. And she was… right!
Astronaughty was then lucky last left to vote, making him the decider. Would he agree with Melody Mermaid and Rumple and vote to take the right path? Or would he have similar instincts to Ranger Runaway’s and choose to turn left?

They all eagerly turned to him in hope for an executive decision, to find he had not been paying attention, but instead, distracted by struggling to take the stubborn wrapper off a multicoloured lollipop. Astronaughty looked up at the other three glaring at him in disbelief before breaking the awkward silence with “What? I’m hungry”.

Ranger Runaway exclaimed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE HUNGRY AGAIN?? You’ve eaten almost all of the biscuits and you have only travelled with us since the last leg of our journey. I sure hope you haven’t hiding a stash of lollipops from us the entire time!”

“It’s okay! There’s plenty for everyone – LOOK”, Astronaughty eagerly replied; and he was right. Stepping aside,  Astronaughty revealed a trail of glistening, rainbow lollipops as far as the eye could see. Melody Mermaid and Rumple clapped and cheered with excitement, however Ranger Runaway was still unimpressed as he pointed out “The sun has almost set! We do not have time to be snacking on lollipops right now” he said. Almost instantaneously, it dawned on him. “Wait a minute… Follow the trail of lollipops! Up the right path! To the unicorns!”

Their destiny is in your hands boys and girls. Should the newfound friends  immediately continue on their mission and venture up the mountain path to the unicorns? Or is it time for a roley poley competition all the way back down to the bottom?

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