Rumple’s Story Blog: PART 11

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“TO THE UNICORNS!!” the newfound friends cheered. Relieved they had come to an agreement, up towards the right they went, following lollipop by lollipop, as they continued their mission to find the monster.
Panting up the mountain, legs getting wobbly and bellies full of lollipops, Ranger Runaway decided it was in fact time for a short rest. As the newfound friends plonked themselves on a log, a rustle came from amongst the ferns nearby. They all stopped in silence to listen out and there it was again- Another noise of movement, drawing closer and becoming louder! Melody the Mermaid bravely drew her popcorn tipped bow and candy apple. Aiming her weapon towards the source of the noise she took a shot! Through the greenery a dark shadow emerged.
“Oh no!” Melody the mermaid sobbed. “I’ve shot a horse right in the middle of the head”.
As Rumple, Astonaughty and Ranger Runaway looked at one another wondering who best console her, a voice remarked “One – I am certainly not a horse. And two- you need to work on your archery skills, because you missed me by a mile!”.

They all stopped in their tracks in absolute awe as the shadow revealed the most divine sight.
“It’s a unicorn!” Ranger Runaway gasped.
Rumple murmured, “HA!! Unicorns aren’t real. That’s just a-“
“I am Yo Yo the Unicorn. Who are you and what brings you here today?”  the vision proclaimed.

Rumple explained “H-h-h-hi. My name is Rumple. I was bursting to go on an adventure so packed my backpack and explored the jungle. It was there I met many talking animal friends and Ranger Runway, who explained the animals are scared because a monster is destroying their homes. I decided to help, so he didn’t have to go defeat the monster alone. We have travelled far on a journey across the lagoon where we met Melody the Mermaid, through the swamp, across the rickety bridge where Astronaughty had crash landed his spaceship and now all that is left to do is reach the top of this volcano to find the monster”.
“Then what?” Yo yo Unicorn nervously questioned.
“Then… we will ahh… we will umm… we will play it by ear! YES! What brings you here Yo – yo Unicorn?” Rumple asked, changing the subject.
“Once upon a time, I lived in a beautiful meadow, until I heard all the children stopped believing in magic and unicorns. Do you know what happens to us unicorns when people stop believing in us? We turn into stuffed unicorns. So my family and I set off into the jungle to hide away. Each of them turned into stuffed toy unicorns one by one. I am the only one left, but I am slowly losing hope. With each time a child stops believing, another part of me turns to plush. Look at my tail! Do you know what the animals of the jungle started calling me? Cotton Bottom. I had enough of their teasing so I ran away and galloped up this volcano, knowing they will never find me and I wouldn’t have to hear them call me such names again.”
Rumple suggested that perhaps once they defeat the monster they could help Yo yo by retuning to the town and encouraging everyone to believe in unicorns again.

Should Yo Yo Unicorn join the others on their mission to defeat the monster or stay behind to safeguard the lollipops?

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