Rumple’s Story Blog: PART 12

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“Okay. Well I am strong and brave and it has been a while since I have had any company, but I am really good friend, I promise! So, I’ll join you all on the mission to defeat the monster!” Yoyo excitedly announced.
So with hope in their hearts and lollipops in their tummies, the newfound best of friends set off towards the mountain peak. They had come such a long way but learnt so much on their journey. With a final hop, skip and jump they had finally reached the mountain top!
Gathering into a tight circle, all hands, hoofs & paws in and cheered “Teamwork makes the dream work”!
The top of the hill was dry and barren. There was nothing to be seen besides the dirt on the ground, the dust in the air, a few dried shrubs that had seen better days & a rustling tumbleweed rolling by. It was nothing like they had expected at all. No sight of a monster or a cave or any visual evidence that there was a monster living on the volcano top. It was very strange indeed.
Ranger Runaway suggested they use all their senses, for detecting any sign of a monster. “Let’s ask ourselves: What can you see? What can you hear? What can you smell? What can you feel? What can you taste?” All of a sudden, Rumple the clown realised the skies were grey, casting a dark shadow upon them, there was a bizarre, awful smell lingering and he began to feel very frightened. “AHHHHHH! It’s dark and smelly! Remember, the monster is up here!!!! It must be him! He’s coming for us now!” Rumple screamed in fear. All bravery within each of the friends had instantly disappeared. They huddled together, covering their eyes, ducking for cover, nervously awaiting the monster’s approach. They listened out super carefully for movement or anything that could be coming towards them. But all they could hear was the distant honking of traffic horns from impatient drivers back in the town and industrial noises. Slowly, they all let go of each other’s tight grasp and cautiously stood up awaiting the monster’s big reveal.

Do you think it is the humungous monster approaching?
Maybe it’s a sneaky, invisible beast.
Or could it just be their imagination?
Stay tuned!

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