Rumple’s Story Blog: PART 13

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The team of friends stood shaking in complete silence, looking and listening out for the scary monster. They waited and waited and waited some more.
“My hoofs are sore” said Yoyo.
“My helmet is getting heavy” said Astronaughty.
“I’m so hungry I could eat a unicorn” said . To which Yoyo jumped at with fright.
“Hang in there folks!” exclaimed Ranger Runaway, “We didn’t come all this way for nothing. If the monster can’t find us, we will find him! Let’s go searching!”
So off the magical bunch of buddies went on a great big monster hunt!
They searched all around the mountaintop but all they could find was the barren dust.
As well as a thick, grey cloud of smog hiding the sunlight. Enormous piles of smelly garbage down below and cars, trains, motorcycles, buses and trucks creating charcoal puffs of smoke & a huge ruckus of noise from angry drivers honking horns in rage of the horrendous traffic jams. It was the most devastating and saddest thing for Rumple and friends to witness. From down below, as everyone had been going about their day to day lives, nobody had stopped and looked around to notice the world was becoming so awfully polluted. They could see planet earth from a whole different, confronting perspective way up high on top of the mountain and became aware of this tragic mess.
Then in a synchronised manner, it dawned on each of the adventurers who set out to defeat the monster that “THE MONSTER IS IN FACT GLOBAL WARMING!!!” they all shouted.
“We must go back and inform everyone about how crucial it is for us to take care of our planet or the monster, being global warming, will have us doomed”!

“Don’t forget while we are encouraging everyone to protect the planet, to help me spread the word about how important it is to also protect the unicorns as much as all the other animals or we will become extinct!” exclaimed Yoyo.
“Of course!” reassured Melody Mermaid gently patting Yoyo’s colourful mane. “We would never forget about you”.

After high fives all around and a final mountaintop cheer of “TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK” the newfound courageous, intelligent, kind and awesome team set off into the sunset, back down the mountain to raise awareness to the other creatures great and small all around the world to actively protect our planet and truly believe in magic!
But first, it was time for a well deserved snack attack and a nap.
Goodbye & goodnight!

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