Rumple’s Blog PART 14


Princess Pandora and the magical gem! 

One day, Princess Pandora went for a walk behind her beautiful castle and into the forest to explore! She saw wonderful flowers, giant green trees and beautiful birds. As she walked, she discovered a lake when something very shiny caught her eye. “Hmmm I wonder what that is,” she thought. She put her hand in the water and pulled out a beautiful pink gem. “Oh my goodness, this is stunning,” she exclaimed.

She started to walk back looking at her beautiful gem when she thought about how hungry she was and wished that she had brought her lunch. “Oh I am so so hungry; I wish I had brought something to eat.” Suddenly, out of nowhere, her lunch box fell straight down in front of her! She gasped and looked inside the lunch box. All of her FAVOURITE snacks were inside- sandwiches, bananas, her drink bottle and even a chocolate brownie!

Princess Pandora couldn’t believe it! She then looked down to her gem which was glowing.

Could it be?

Could it be possible that she had found a magical gem?!

“Princess Pandora was so excited but still wasn’t convinced. So, she wished again. “I wish I had a beautiful horse to ride back to my castle on”.

Out of nowhere, a beautiful horse appeared. Princess Pandora squealed! “YAY! I can have whatever I want and get it whenever I want. I am the luckiest princess in the world.”

Days passed, and Princess Pandora’s castle became full of everything she had ever dreamed of; candy, costumes, jewelry, toys- you name it! Princess Pandora was obsessed over her magical gem and started to become very greedy.

She decided to go for a walk throughout her kingdom and noticed things she hadn’t before. She saw people who were sick, friends that didn’t have any toys, people who looked really hungry and even people with injuries!

Princess Pandora started to realize that she had been using her magic only for herself and not thinking of others. “Oh” she said embarrassingly, “I have only been using this magic for things I want. I should be helping others!”

Princess Pandora then went around the whole kingdom asking if people had things they needed or had very special wishes that they wanted to come true.

Soon enough, everyone was cheering and full of joy! Happiness had been brought to the whole entire kingdom by Princess Pandora! She had helped out everyone knew needed some help. She realised that even though she had lots of toys and things she liked, she felt happier and fulfilled knowing she had helped and cared for all her friends and peers throughout the Kingdom.

Princess Pandora decided to throw a party to celebrate magic, and that helping others can bring everyone together.


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