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Character Design[5-24-2017]_Diillon the Dinosaur_bubblehead

Dillon the not very scary dinosaur:

Dillon the Dinosaur had a little bit of a problem. You see, he loved people and making new friends, he loved to dance and loved to play, however, because he was so big, people were scared of him and no one wanted to play with him. Poor Dillon!

He tried everything, funny jokes, silly hats, but nothing worked!

Dillon was very sad; “I just wish someone saw me for who I am on the inside, not what I look like!”

One day, Dillon was walking down a street when he saw the scariest, most terrifying thing in the whole entire world. It was a sparkly unicorn! “AHHHH!!!” Dillon screamed! There was nothing to hide behind so Dillon closed his eyes and curled up into a little ball.

“What are you doing?” said the little unicorn. “p-p-p-p-p-leeeaasseee d-d-d-don’t hur-hurt me” Dillon cried.

The unicorn giggled and walked towards him. “I don’t want to hurt you, silly dinosaur. I just wanted to say you are such a cool color! My favorite color is blue and its all over you!” Dillon looked up to the unicorn who was wagging her tail and smiling.

“I’m Yoyo, the unicorn. What’s your name?”

Dillon stood up and smiled. “My name is Dillon the dinosaur.”

Dillon and Yoyo both smiled at each other and just like that; they became best friends!

“I know why you were scared of me Dillon. Its because I look so different!” Said Yoyo the unicorn. Yoyo was very colorful and sparkly.

“People are scared of me too, I am so big and blue and scary to some people.” Dillon was still very sad. Yoyo saw this and smiled, saying to Dillon:

“Well Dillon, I don’t think you are scary at all and anyway, it doesn’t matter what you look like its what’s on the inside that counts!”

Even though he felt a little bit better, Dillon wasn’t as confident as Yoyo was about being different just yet.

But as they played together, they realized that even though they looked different than each other- they both loved to play!

Yoyo and Dillon played musical statues, put on funny hats and they even had the same jokes as each other! Soon enough, they had so many friends playing with them and they all had their own amazing characteristics!

They had a new friends named Felicity the fairy who had bright blue hair and had magic dust! Astronaughty was an amazing astronaut who had his own spaceship, Timmy the trainer even brought his own cones so they could all have races. Timmy even brought some healthy snacks for everyone.

Dillon was so happy that he had so many new friends to play, be silly and to just be himself with. Dillon learnt that even though people are different on the outside, they are so special and unique in their own way. Dillon had never felt more proud to be exactly who he was- a big blue dinosaur who just wanted to make some brand new friends. And that is exactly what he did!

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