Rumple’s Blog PART 16


Melody the Mermaid vs. Pirate Pete: The race to Treasure Island

Today was the day. This biggest day in pirate and mermaid history!

Pirate Pete challenged Melody Mermaid to a race to Treasure Island.

The first one there would not only win the treasure but would be crowned the best explorer of the seven seas!

Pirate Pete was very confident that he would win as he had the fastest pirate ship ever!

Melody thought the exact same thing as she could swim underwater and was known to have the fastest mermaid fin in her mermaid kingdom!

“Arrrrrrrrrre ya ready to be made fish food in this race?” Pirate Pete laughed.

Melody mermaid rolled her eyes. What a silly pirate. He had no idea how fast and quick she was!

“We’ll see about that Parrot Pete!” Melody giggled and quickly swan to her place before Pirate Pete could have a come back.




And they were off! It was a long journey but they were both very strong, brave and adventurous! They were neck and neck. Melody started to gain more speed, swimming underneath Pirate Pete’s ship and racing ahead of him!

Pirate Pete was very competitive and saw a short cut up ahead that he knew if he took it, he would definitely beat Melody and win the race to Treasure Island!!

However, what Pirate Pete didn’t know that the short cut was very dangerous and had lots and lots of sharp rocks that could turn his Pirate ship race win into a shipwreck! As Pirate Pete turned his ship he heard a large BANG!

Pirate Pete had hit some rocks and was stuck on a sinking boat!!!

Melody heard the bang and turned behind her and saw that Pirate Pete was in trouble.

She had to make a choice. She was so close to the finishing line and if she helped Pirate Pete he could win! But, if she didn’t help him, he could get hurt!

She knew what to do straight away and swam as fast as her fin could take her.

“Jump off Pete, I’ll help you!” Melody called. Pete jumped of his boat into the water and Melody grabbed his hand and swam him to shore.

“Thank you so much Melody for helping me, you’re such a good friend. I’m sorry you didn’t win.” Pirate Pete was very grateful for Melody helping him. He was also very sad because his ship had been ruined!

“Wait a second Pete! If we both got to Treasure Island at the same time- we both won!”

Melody was right, it was a tie! They both were crowned the King and Queen Explorers! They also became closer than ever. They both discovered that true friendship was better than winning a crown!

They all celebrated by naming Pirate Pete’s new boat the “Friend-ship!”

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