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Character Design[2017]_Rumple and Friends-Yoyo the Unicorn[ver02]_bubblehead

Yoyo’s lost powers!


Yoyo the unicorn loved her magical powers. She was a very lucky unicorn that could fly around and with her magical horn, have the ability to heal. Whenever she was playing with her friends and someone fell over she would instantly help them. If someone was not being very nice, she could heal the negativity and and make everyone feel happy and special. She also, without telling too many people, could make the yummiest candy in the world! This also helped whenever someone was hurt or feeling sad!

One day, Yoyo was playing with her friends until suddenly she felt a little bit strange. She told her friends she was going to go and fly home. However, when she tried to use her powers she couldn’t fly!

“Oh my goodness! That’s so strange!” Said Yoyo. She tried again and again and couldn’t fly!

One of Yoyo’s friends, Squiggle Pop ran over to her with a scratch and grabbed her horn to heal her little scratch. But nothing happened. Squiggle gasped.

“Oh no Yoyo! You’ve lost your magical powers!”

Yoyo was very worried! What was she going to do?

“Squiggle Pop, what on earth am I going to do?” Squiggle Pop thought and thought. She then thought up the best idea to help her friend!

“I’ve got it! You must go to Felicity the Fairy’s house! She has lots of magic, she can help you get them back!” Yoyo smiled. She was so excited to go see her friends Felicity Fairy and get back her powers!

Yoyo ventured off into the fairyland garden where she found felicity fairy sitting in the sun singing.

“Hello Felicity!” Yoyo called, “I need your help, I’ve lost all my magical powers!”

Felicity gasped! She had never heard of a unicorn losing its’ powers before!

“Oh poor Yoyo, I’m so sad to hear that! How can I help you?”

Yoyo explained that because Felicity was also magical she could use her fairy dust to get her powers back.

Felicity had to have a think about it. That was her own special fairy dust and if she used some of it on Yoyo then she might miss out on using it for herself.

However, Felicity knew that sharing what she had with her friends was more important and wanted to make sure that Yoyo knew how much their friendship meant to her.

“Of course I’ll share my magic with you Yoyo, you are such a good friend- how could I not?!” Yoyo cheered and they gave each other a big hug!

“Thank you so much Felicity, you are such a fantastic friend!”

Felicity ran and got her bag of magical fairy dust. She grabbed a small handful out of the bag, smiled, and sprinkled it over Yoyo’s horn. Just like that, they both had their magical powers side by side.

Yoyo felt like herself again- even happier now because she knew that she had such wonderful friends around her to love and care for her.

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