Rumple’s Blog Part 18


An Astronaughty story: Lost in Space


Have you ever wondered about being in space? Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to become an astronaut? Well, Astronaughty didn’t have to think as he was about to fly onto the moon for the very first time! He was so excited!

Don’t get me wrong, Astronaughty had flown into space plenty of times, but he had never explored and adventured on the moon.

“I can’t wait to explore! Maybe I’ll see an alien. OOH maybe ill get to find out if the moon is cheese!”

Astronaughty waved goodbye to his friends and they waved and shouted goodbye back! Astronaughty had some really awesome friends. His best friend was Super Rumple! Super Rumple called out to him “Remember Astronaughty; if you get lost, scared or stuck- just call me and ill come and help you.”

Astronaughty rolled his eyes and yelled back “Oh Rumple, I’ve been to space plenty of times. I don’t need help!”

Astronaughty went onto his spaceship and launched off into space.

Eventually he arrived on the moon. It was sooooooo cool! Astronaughty jumped off the spaceship. “WOAH this is amazing. I can actually do the moon walk now.” Astronaughty laughed to himself and started walking around the moon. He felt like he was floating!

He found all sorts of craters, hills and even picked up some pieces off the moon to see if it was cheese. Sadly it wasn’t.

Astronaughty had enjoyed his day adventuring and walking around the moon. He started to get quite tired and decided it was time to head back to his spaceship.

Astronaughty walked….. and walked…… and walked…. He kept walking until he realized he had no idea where he was walking!

Uh-oh Astronaughty thought. Yes indeed. He was lost in space.

Astronaughty started to get anxious. He had no idea what to do and how to get back to his spaceship. He was also starting to get very hungry.

“What am I going to do?” Astronaughty thought.

He then remembered what his best friend Super Rumple had said to him. “Remember Astronaughty; if you get lost, scared or stuck- just call me and ill come and help you”

That was it! If he called Super Rumple, then he could fly up and take Astronaughty back to his spaceship. He called Super Rumple and told him everything. Astronaughty waited until Super Rumple arrived.

“Hey Astronaughty! Are you okay? I’m glad you called me.”

Astronaughty felt embarrassed. “I’m sorry I called you Super Rumple. I didn’t know what to do.”

Super Rumple smiled back at Astronaughty. “Oh Astronaughty, I am your best friend! I hope you know I am always here for you. Its always okay to ask for help. That’s what friends are for after all!”

Astronaughty and Super Rumple smiled and gave each other a huge hug! Super Rumple flew Astronaughty back to his spaceship and flew back home together.

Astronaughty felt so good knowing that it was okay to ask for help. Especially because he knew he would do the same for Super Rumple.

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