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Timmy the trainer’s marathon race

Once a year, everyone in Clown Town would all meet together for the biggest race ever. It was a marathon! A marathon is a really long running/jogging and or walking race and everyone knew the one person who they wanted to beat- Timmy the trainer.  Timmy was the healthiest guy in Clown Town. He always ate well, exercised every day and loved to play sports. He won the race every year! Instead of a prize though, everyone in Clown Town donated their money and out it towards a charity.

Timmy, however, had a plan this year. He wanted everyone in Clown Town to be the healthiest they could b. He started by doing exercise classes and creating healthy meal lists for everyone in the town.

Timmy made sure that he did his classes and meal plans in advance so by the time the marathon came around. Everyone would be able to do keep up with each other.

He wanted to help everyone and show that it is easy to look after your health, you just have to put it into your life in pieces.

Timmy was so excited for this marathon. He loved to run, it made him feel like he was the fastest person in the whole world.

Everyone walked to the starting line.

1, 2, 3 and the siren rang.

The marathon had begun! Excitement was in the air! Who was going to win? Would Timmy win once again, or had Timmy trained everyone in town better than he had trained himself?

The marathon was very long, so everyone had to make sure they didn’t use up all of their energy at the start.

Some people did, poor Dillon the Dinosaur was so excited he ran as fast as he could and then had to stop because he was too tired! After a quick rest though, he kept on going.

Super Squiggle found herself tangled as her cape kept wrapping around herself. She was used to their capes up in the air flying, so when it came to running she had to slow down before she fell over!

The race was getting closer and closer to the finish line. Timmy was in the lead lead with Yoyo and Rumple with everyone else not too far behind.

Timmy noticed how hard everyone was trying as hard as they could and that EVERYONE was going to finish the race! He looked to Rumple and Yoyo and shouted “Hey guys, I think we should slow down!” They all looked back and saw how close they were to the rest of their friends.

Smiling they all slowed down and as a whole team, everyone finished the Clown Town marathon together.

They all cheered and hi fived one another. Timmy the trainer was overcome with joy and pride. He was so happy he had helped everyone finish the race.

He turned around and everyone was smiling and all cheered “Thank you Timmy, you’re the best trainer ever!”

Timmy’s heart was full. He had really helped Clown Town come together as a team.

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