Rumple’s Blog: Rumple and Squiggle Pop- A love story pt. 1


Rumple and Squiggle Pop were best friends. They did absolutely everything together! Played games, pulled silly faces and of course went on crazy and exciting adventures. They would even make sure they met up and had lunch together every day.

They both made each other very very happy.

Rumple was very much in love with Squiggle. She had such beautiful eyes, pretty hair and an amazing smile. She also cared about other people and always helped others and made everyone around her happy.

“Wow, she is just the best.” Rumple thought.

Rumple really wanted to tell Squiggle Pop about how much he liked her but didn’t know how.Rumple thought of some special things he could do for Squiggle; buy her lunch, give her pretty flowers or even buy her chocolates! it just wasn’t enough!

Rumple decided to go to his and Squiggle Pop’s friends for some help.

He first went out to the lagoon to speak to his closest friend Melody the mermaid who helped him with almost everything.

“Aww Rumple you are so sweet. I think that you should definitely tell Squiggle Pop how you feel!” Melody was smiling from ear to ear because she had a secret that she couldn’t tell rumple. She knew that Squiggle Pop liked him as well.

“What should I do?!” cried Rumple. He wanted to make it really special for her, so Melody mermaid and rumple came up with an idea which would make his announcement to her full of excitement and also give them a new adventure to go on!

“First, you want it to be romantic- it shows that you are caring but also think about her a lot! Where is her favourite place to be?”

Rumple knew exactly the place. Right on the beach where they would go swimming! They had even talked about how sweet the idea of a picnic on the beach was but Rumple was too nervous to do it for her. It was the perfect time for a romantic picnic on the beach to watch the sunset!

“Thanks so much for your help Melody!” Rumple yelled as he ran to find Squiggle Pop!

Melody waved from her lagoon and wished him the best of luck on this very romantic adventure.

The next big step he had to ask Squiggle Pop to join him on his adventure. He had to make sure it sounded super fun and not too suspicious.

He ran over to Squiggle Pop who was with her friend Felicity Fairy.

“Hey Felicity, can I steal Squiggle for a second.” Felicity Fairy smiled and nodded. Felicity Fairy waved goodbye to Rumple and Squiggle Pop and flew off.

“Hey Rumple! What’s up?” Rumple stared at Squiggle Pop and gulped. He didn’t think about how nervous he would be asking her, let alone telling her he LOVED HER!

“Ummm, Squiggle Pop…. Ummm…. Would you want to go on a new adventure with me?” Squiggle Pop grinned and cheered “YAY of course, you know I love going on adventures with you!”

Rumple was so relieved and also so excited.

Squiggle Pop asked where they were going but Rumple told her it was going to be a surprise but all he would say that it was going to be the best adventure they were going to face together.

Squiggle Pop couldn’t wait!

Neither could Rumple…

Want to know how Rumple goes??? Stay tuned!

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