Rumple’s Blog Part 20


Felicity the fairy and her lost wand:

Felicity the fairy loved her magical wand so, so much. It was her absolute favorite! It gave her magical powers that could give her friends special presents, yummy snacks and of course could help her fly!

One day, Felicity fairy went out into the forest on an adventure with her friend Yoyo the unicorn, they always have so much fun together! They ran through woods, smelt beautiful flowers and even went for a swim in the river.

They were on their way home and then Felicity screamed!


Yoyo ran over to her in shock, “Oh my goodness Felicity, what is wrong?!”

Felicity’s eyes welled up. She was devastated. She had lost her magic wand!

“I-I-I lost my my my wandddddd” she cried. Yoyo gave Felicity a big cuddle.

She looked at Felicity and smiled. “It’s going to be okay Felicity, remember when I lost my magic and you helped me? Well, I am going to help you too because we are best friends!”

Yoyo told Felicity that whenever she loses something, she retraces her steps. That means she goes back the way she came; going to the same places she had already been. They first went to the river where they had been swimming.

“Maybe it’ll be here!” Felicity cried. Felicity and Yoyo looked where they were sitting, walked along the banks of the river. Sadly, the wand was not there.

Felicity was very dismayed.

“It’s okay Felicity, we’ll find your wand. We still have a few more places to search for it. We just have to work our way back. Like we’re going back in time! Where were we before we went for a swim?”

Felicity thought and thought, she then remembered that they had walked through the forest! As they were walking they looked in bushes, on the path and even up in the trees (just in case). Unfortunately, the wand was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly they heard a loud voice out in the woods where they were smelling beautiful flowers. “What was that?!” Yoyo asked.

They ran to where the voice was and sure enough there was Felicity’s magical wand, however, there was someone holding onto it!!

“Hey, that’s my magical wand!” Felicity ran over and turned the boy around. It was Ranger Runaway!!!

He smiled and gave the wand straight back to Felicity. He smiled and greeted them!

Ranger Runaway told Felicity and Yoyo that he was exploring through the forest when he stepped on what he thought was a snake but it was just Felicity’s wand. He then tried to call out to see if Felicity was around!

“That’s why we heard yelling, it was you!” Yoyo laughed.

“I knew that it was your wand Felicity, I was walking back to Clown Town to give it to you.”

Felicity and Yoyo looked at each other and smiled. They both gave Ranger Runaway a big hug and thanked him for being such a good friend.

Felicity felt so relieved to have her special wand back. She felt even happier knowing that her friends were always there for her.

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