Rumple’s Blog Part 21


Princess Pandora’s birthday party 

Princess Pandora was so excited for her birthday party! She had invited all of her wonderful friends throughout Clown Town!

“I can’t wait to celebrate with all of my amazing friends!” She cried.

Princess Pandora couldn’t wait! Her favorite part- besides having her own birthday cake- was having all her friends together playing with her!

She even hand made all of her invitations!

She sent off her invites then immediately begun preparing all of her excited activities and decorating her castle.


The big day was just around the corner and Princess Pandora was beyond eager to have everyone celebrating with her.

She had organized so many fun activities for her friends to enjoy; a jumping castle, lots of toys, she even had set up a disco area for them to dance and play musical games with her! Not only were there lots of games; there was endless candy and delicious food ready to be gobbled up by everyone at the party.

Princess Pandora put in so much effort because she knew how much fun her friends would have!


Soon enough it was Princess Pandora’s birthday! She jumped out of bed ran down her stairs and around the castle. “ITS MY BIRTHDAY HOORAY, HOORAY! I AM SO EXCITED!”


She got dressed into her birthday dress, put on her pink birthday crown hat matched with a beautiful bow in her hair. She was ready and knew that everyone would be arriving very soon.

“10am on the dot and my amazing party will begin!”

10am came around and there was no one to be seen. Princess Pandora was very confused. It was 11am. No one had come to Pandora’s party! Princess Pandora was heart broken, she burst into tears and ran to her room. “Why didn’t anybody want to play with me?! This is the worst birthday ever!”

Little did Princess Pandora know that her invitations had gotten lost in the mail! Except one. Dillon the Dinosaur- who was always late because he was scared of EVERYTHING.

Dillon tentatively walked into Pandora’s castle “H-h-e-e-lllo?” Dillon called out but no one responded. All Dillon heard was crying. It was princess Pandora and she was crying… ON HER BIRTHDAY! Dillon ran upstairs to see Pandora wrapped up in her blanket. “What’s wrong Pandora?”

“No one came to my party Dillon. That means none of my friends like me!”

Dillon smiled. He knew everyone loved Princess Pandora and that their invitations must have gotten lost. He gave Princess Pandora a hug and ran back home to tell everyone that it was Pandora’s birthday and that she thought no one wanted to celebrate with her.

Straight away, all of Pandora’s friends ran as fast as they could up to her castle, cheering, singing and dancing for Pandora.

Princess Pandora came running down her stairs with a giant smile on her face!

“We’re sorry we are late Princess Pandora- we didn’t get our invitations!”

She laughed and gave all of her friends a big cuddle. She ended up having the best birthday ever.

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