Rumple’s Blog Part 22

Pirate Pete and his new adventure 

Pirate Pete was a very loving and fun pirate. He loved sailing around with his friends and going on fun adventures on his pirate ship. There was only one thing. Pirate Pete, although he knew a lot about sailing, had never taken a trip on his pirate ship by himself. In fact, he had never sailed further out than just the bay in Hong Kong.


It was time he went on his first ever solo adventure. However, Pirate Pete was scared. He was scared because this was a brand new adventure that he had to face all my himself and wouldn’t know what was going to happen.


That was a big reason that he had never gotten around to it. He was talking to his friend Melody the mermaid by her lagoon.


“What happens if I get lost and can’t find my way their and can’t find my way home?”

Melody smiled. “Use a map to find your way back. Or maybe you’ll find somewhere even better.”

Pirate Pete nodded. That sounded like fun. Pirate Pete then got scared again.

“What happens if I get lonely and I want to come home because I miss everybody?”

Melody replied “we’ll miss you too Pirate Pete but home is always here, you can come back anytime you want.”

Pirate Pete nodded again. Melody was making some very good points. He looked out to the water and smiled. It was his dream to sail off around the world on his own. There was one more thing he needed to ask Melody.

“What if you forget about me?”

Melody reached up to Pirate Pete and gave him a big hug.

“I could never forget you Pete. You’re my best friend and all I want for you is to go on your adventure and then you can tell me all about it when you come back.”

Pirate Pete smiled. “You’re my best friend too Melody. I promise I’ll bring back some shells for you from every place I go!”

“Thanks Pete!”


The next day Pirate Pete said goodbye to all of his friends, jumped into his boat and started to sail off. He was scared but he also knew if he wasn’t scared that his dream just wasn’t big enough.

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