Rumple’s Blog: Rumple and Squiggle Pop pt. 2  



Rumple and Squiggle Pop were on their best adventure yet! Looking back together, they decided to call it their favorite because Rumple had organized everything with his friends to surprise Squiggle Pop and tell her of his love for her!


“Where on earth are we going?” squealed Squiggle Pop with excitement as she climbed onto their friend Pirate Pete’s ship.

Rumple smiled “It’s a surprise Squiggle I’m not telling you just yet!” They sailed and sailed until they reached a remote island! It had a beautiful picnic set up on the beach with delicious snacks and juices for them to have!

“Surprise Squiggle!” Yelled rumple!

Squiggle Pop couldn’t believe it! Rumple had made such a special effort just for her, she couldn’t wipe the giant smile off her face.

“Rumple this is awesome! Thank you so much for surprising me. But can I ask you, why are you doing all of this for me?”

This was it. The moment he had been waiting for. Rumple was so nervous but also knew no matter what he said, Squiggle Pop would be his best friend forever.

“Well…” he gulped. “Squiggle Pop, I just want you to know how special I think you are and I am so lucky to have you as my best friend. I also just want you to know that… that…” Rumple looked up at Squiggle who still had the biggest smile on her face.


Rumple wasn’t nervous anymore.


“I really like you Squiggle Pop. I love you and I want us to be best friends forever!”

Squiggle Pop stopped smiling and started to cry. Rumple didn’t know what to do. He didn’t mean to make Squiggle Pop cry. He started to panic. He didn’t think he needed to bring tissues so he started looking in his pockets for tissues.

She looked at Rumple and noticed he was worried that she was crying.

She laughed. “Oh Rumple! These aren’t sad tears these are happy tears! I love you too!”


Rumple couldn’t believe it. Squiggle Pop LOVED HIM BACK! Rumple then realized what Squiggle Pop meant when she said happy tears because he started to cry. Like a big baby.


They both smiled and gave each other the biggest hug in the whole world.

Rumple and Squiggle Pop sat down smiling and ate their delicious picnic together and talked about all the adventures they were excited to face together.

“Let’s go on adventures forever!” Cried Squiggle Pop.

“Yes. That sounds like the best idea ever.” Replied Rumple. The end.


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