Rumple’s Blog 2019 PART 1

Ranger Runaway’s Environmental Day!

Looking after the environment is very important. That is why Ranger Runaway was having an environment day to educate everyone in Clown Town about the importance of looking after their town.

He had noticed things throughout the town that was damaging the environment. He knew that everyone in Clown Town were so kind and lovely but they had no idea how much damage they were doing to the environment. Did they even know? Well, whether they did or not, Ranger Runaway knew that he was the person to save Clown Town and educate his friends about the importance of caring for the environment.  

“This is going to be great!” He exclaimed. “I am so excited to teach everybody the importance of looking out for the world.”

Ranger Runaway organized a special day for everyone in Clown town meet up and join in some activities that can improve the eco footprint.

“Why are we here Runaway? I need to get back to my pirate ship!” Yelled out Pirate Pete.

 “Because Pirate Pete, I want to tell you all about the environment and how Clown Town, without realising, is creating pollution that is hurting the planet!” 

Ranger Runaway then told everyone throughout Clown Town different facts about climate change due to the damage us as humans have done to the planet. The plastic that people were throwing out were ending up in the oceans causing harm to the animals living there. Pirate Pete and Melody mermaid nodded as Melody had found lots of plastic in her lagoon and pirate Pete had been seeing a lot of rubbish out at sea. 

Ranger Runaway also talked about the pollution of the air because of cars and industrialism. Super Rumple, Squiggle and Felicity the Fairy also nodded as they would always get out of breath as they were flying because of the chemicals in the air. Everyone was so shocked to understand that they were unknowingly hurting Clown Town and on a bigger scale- the earth! 

“Oh no, Ranger Runaway, what do we do?” Yoyo the unicorn cried. “How can we help save the environment?” Yelled out Timmy the trainer. 

Ranger Runaway then brought out a big poster with 8 different ways that Clown Town could reduce their eco footprint and help better the environment around them! 


  1. Learn as much as you can about the environment
  2. Walk, run or ride a bike instead of driving
  3. Reduce your waste; put fruit, vegetables and old eggs shells into a compost bin. 
  4. Reuse; Donate your old clothes or give to friends that are younger than yo
  5. Recycle; things can always be recycled and made into something else.
  6. Buy from local grocers and farmers to reduce mass production
  7. Use less electricity by playing outside rather than watching TV
  8. BAN PLASTIC; No more plastic straws, no more plastic bottles. Lets’ work together to have a plastic free clown town!

The town went from door to door, helping each other out to become more environmentally friendly and it was SO EASY!!! 

Ranger Runaway felt so good that he was helping everyone understand the importance of being environmentally healthy! “See everybody, it is so easy to take care of the environment. Thank you so much for caring for our planet as much as I do!”

Everyone in Clown town cheered for Ranger Runaway and all danced and celebrated into the night- but of course- still being environmentally friendly! 

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