Rumple’s Blog PART 2


Yoyo the Unicorns’ guide to being unique!


Yoyo the unicorn was loved by everyone in Clown Town. She was funny, kind AND had amazing rainbow hair which everybody thought was the coolest.

Yoyo loved that she didn’t look like anybody else because she was unique, and being unique is AWESOME!!!

Sadly, one of best friends, Dillon the Dinosaur, didn’t have as much confidence as she did. He was a very big, blue dinosaur who wished he could fit in like everybody else. Quite literally. He was so big, sometimes he couldn’t even fit through the door!

“I wish I just just fit in with everyone else. It isn’t fair!” He mumbled.

He was sadly walking home and saw a flash of rainbow run past him. He didn’t know what it was and began to walk faster. He saw it again and started to get very scared. He started to run. Faster and Faster until; CRASH! Dillon fell over and heard a big OWWW!

He looked up and there was Yoyo the unicorn!

“Oh I’m so sorry Yoyo, are you okay?!” Yoyo asked.

Dillon gave a small smile and said. “Yes Dillon I’m fine; I saw you walking home and you looked really sad so I tried to catch up with you to say hello!”

“Oh. Okay. Hello Yoyo.” Dillon replied and began walking home again.

Yoyo kept following him as she knew he was feeling down.

Yoyo asked if he was sure that he was okay. she didn’t want to leave him all on his own. He nodded but kept walking. She followed him and asked once last time.

Dillon stopped and looked down at the smiling unicorn. Dillon hated being the centre of attention and didn’t want to bother anybody but knew if he didn’t tell Yoyo she would probably throw a crazy party or something for him to try and make him feel better.

he smiled back at Yoyo. “Yoyo, thank you very much but I’m okay, I’ve just been feeling a little bit alone.”

Yoyo was very confused. “Alone? Why? You’re around me and all of our friends in Clown Town every day!”

Dillon took a deep breath and began trying to explain how he felt. He explained that even though he loved all of his friends, he sometimes felt left out because of his differences. Dillon knew if anyone would understand it would be Yoyo. He was right. Yoyo smiled and grabbed Dillon’s hands.

“Dillon, you feel that way because you are different. You’re a giant blue dinosaur and the best dancer anyone’s ever seen. You have no idea how much I wished I could dance like you, or be as tall as you. But I can’t because I am the way I am and you are the way you are. Isn’t that fantastic though? We all have our unique qualities. Sometimes we wish we had different qualities sometimes but without them, you wouldn’t be the dinosaur we all know and love!”

Yoyo had made quite a strong point. Even though he wished he was small, some people wishes that they were tall. If everyone accepted and embraced their differences, everyone could celebrate together. Dillon picked yoyo up and gave her a massive hug!

“Thank you Yoyo, I feel so much better now! How about I give you some dance lessons to help you out?”

Yoyo squealed and jumped around. She couldn’t wait to learn how to dance with Dillon who had embraced his amazing, blue self.

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