Rumple’s Blog PART 3

What does it mean to be a Super hero? 

What does it mean to be a super hero? Do you know? Well Super Squiggle knew! It was to be strong and brave and also have an awesome super hero costume!

However, Super Squiggle couldn’t help feeling like she was missing something. “I don’t feel like a real Superhero just yet.” She thought to herself.

She then had an idea. Maybe if she went around Clown Town saving people who were in danger, she would then be a real superhero and feel much better. Super Squiggle flew into Clown Town and began walking through the streets. People were playing, listening to music, reading books. Everyone seemed really happy. Squiggle Pop realized no one was in danger. No one needed her help. AT ALL. She sat on a bench disgruntled. She wanted to save someone today and there was no danger in sight.

Super Squiggle became bored. VERY BORED.

“What am I supposed to do if everyone is fine?” She said to herself. “Maybe I’ll go around and ask people what they think I should do to be more heroic.”

She went and saw somebody who was very much like her. Super Rumple.

He was very happy to see his friend. “Hey Super Squiggle, what brings you over?”

She then sat Super Rumple down and told him that there wasn’t any danger in Clown Town and no one needed saving.

“Super Squiggle. That is great news!” He cried

“NO IT ISN’T! I’m not doing anything heroic- I am the worst superhero ever!”

Super Rumple smiled and explained something to Super Squiggle she didn’t know she needed to hear.

“Super Squiggle. Being a hero doesn’t mean you are constantly putting yourself in danger to save people. Being a hero isn’t about having the biggest muscles or the craziest powers. It’s about having the bravest and kindest heart. Being selfless and taking care of others. If you want to be a hero, you should look at what is going on with other people rather than what you want to be seen as.”

Squiggle had a big think about what Super Rumple had said, smiled and left.

She started to See Clown Town a lot differently. She saw people who needed help but not in the way she thought she could help with.

She walked over to Felicity the Fairy who was carrying a big bags of groceries.

“Hello Felicity, would you like me to help you with those? I can carry them for you if you’d like.” Felicity was so happy that Super Squiggle could help her.

“Thank you so much Super Squiggle, I couldn’t have possibly carried them home on my own; you’re my hero!”

Super Squiggle had never felt more heroic in her life! She began helping out more and more throughout Clown town. Taking out people’s rubbish, lifting heavy objects for people, helping resolve problems between friends. She even helped people cross the street.

“I love being a superhero!” Cried Super Squiggle as she flew around Clown town.

Super Squiggle’s heart was full, she was so happy that everyone felt safe in Clown Town and that she could still be a Super hero helping out as many people as she could.

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