Rumple’s Blog PART 4

Astronaughty and the SPACE RACE!


It was time. The race NO ONE in Clown Town saw coming.

Astronaughty versus Super Rumple in . . .


The rules were simple. You must fly; in your rocket or with your super powers, though the air and into space, around the moon and then back to Clown Town.

Astronaughty had been in space a lot more times than Rumple. He knew the best routes to go through and how long it would take him. He was ready to kick Super Rumple’s but.

Super Rumple was also very prepared. Because he was such a good flying he was practicing his take off and landings, as well as where to slow down so he wouldn’t tire himself out. He was ready to win this thing.

Everyone throughout Clown Town was there to watch this race. Well, at least the take off and landing. There were constant whispers and chit chats on who everyone thought was going to win. The conclusion was- they had no idea!!!

Astronaughty and Super Rumple shook hands and got into their starting positions.




They were off! Super Rumple leapt straight into the air and shot off so quickly no one ever saw him disappear! Sadly, Astronaughty and his spaceship wasn’t as quick and took a bit longer getting off the ground. None the less, they were both off on the race with Super Rumple with quite a bit of lead.

As they headed out into outer space, Super Rumple started to feel a bit light headed. He had only flown this far a couple of times and already needed to take a break, especially after his very fast take off.

As he was sitting on a star, Astronaughty flew straight past him in his space ship. As he passed he saw Astronaughty wave; WHILE EATING A SANDWICH.

You see, Astronaughty was a little bit lucky as he could put his spacecraft into autopilot, sit back and relax!

Super Rumple was furious! He jumped up and flew after him. “I cannot lose! Not today!”

It was a close race, Astronaughty and Super Rumple were neck and neck!

Until… something awful happened! Astronaughty spaceship began to make a loud beeping noise! “Uh oh, what is happening?!” shouted Astronaughty.

His looked at his engine and the fuel was EMPTY!

“OH NO, I’M STUCK IN SPACE!” As Astronaughty’s spacecraft started to float through space, he continued trying to call for help and tried his best to get his spaceship working again. NOTHING! “Oh no, what am I going to do?!”

Meanwhile; Super Rumple was flying through space, he was so excited he was in the lead. As he flew straight past Astronaughty’s spaceship, he noticed that he wasn’t moving. AT ALL. “Oh no, there must be something wrong!” Super Rumple knew exactly what to do. He flew over to the door and got himself in. Astronaughty and Super Rumple talked, Astronaughty explaining that his Spaceship had run out of fuel!

Super Rumple suddenly had an idea!

He flew straight to the back of the spaceship and began to push. As a superhero, Super Rumple had super strength and was able to get Astronaughty and his spaceship safely back to Clown Town.

“Thank you so much Super Rumple; you’re an amazing friend, you must take the trophy as the winner, you did technically get back to Clown Town before I did!”

Astronaughty and Super Rumple gave each other a huge hug. Super Rumple smiled and said: “I think it was a tie, we both won.”

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