Rumple’s Blog PART 5

Squiggle Pop leaves Clown Town 


It was true and no-one could believe it. It was spread across town and confirmed.

Squiggle Pop was leaving Clown Town. Not forever, but she wanted to go on a long holiday for her to go on a brand new adventure.

Everyone was going to miss her so much but not as much as Rumple. His heart was heavy. He didn’t want to say goodbye to his best friend in the world wide world. Even if it was just a short while.

“It’s not fair. I don’t want her to leave Timmy, what am I going to do?” Timmy gave Rumple a big cuddle.

“It’s not so bad Rumple. You can call Squiggle whenever you like. You can send cards, letters and even packages to her.”

Rumple thought about it a lot. He knew that it would be nice to call and write to her all the time but it still wouldn’t be the same.

Rumple hated that things were going to change and got very upset. He stormed over to Squiggle Pop’s home and knocked on her door.

Squiggle answered and was so delighted to see her best friend until she saw the huge scowl on his face.

“Uh oh..” she mumbled. “Ah, Rumple? Are you okay, want to go and play?”

Rumple stood with his arms folded and shook his head. He needed to get out all of his feelings and tell Squiggle Pop how he was feeling.

“I don’t like you anymore Squiggle Pop! You’re not a real friend!”

Squiggle Pop gasped and couldn’t believe what she was hearing! Her eyes welled up and began to cry.

Rumple felt terrible.

“Why would you call me a bad friend Rumple? That is SO MEAN!”

Rumple looked down at the grown flustered. He replied.

“I don’t think good friends leave each other. I mean you’re going on a holiday withot me. It’s like I’ll never see you again or even worse- you’ll forget about me!”

Squiggle Pop looked up at Rumple and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Rumple you are so silly, I could never forget you. You are my best friend. Sometimes things change like friends go on holidays but it doesn’t matter where we are in the world. We will always be friends.”

Rumple smiled.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Rumple and Squiggle Pop gave each other a big cuddle and went off to play.

The moral of the story here boys and girls is that in life things can change; friends move out of town or go on long holidays but no matter what, far and wide, friends will always stick together.



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