Rumple’s Blog PART 6


Timmy’s Training Clown Town!!! 

Timmy the trainer loved be healthy and knew so much about healthy foods to eat. He wanted to share all of his information with his friends in Clown Town.

“Everyone needs to be much healthier and this is the perfect way, through really fun facts!”

Timmy then organized everybody in Clown Town to go through a huge obstacle course that not only was a race and lots of fun, but would also give them lots of information about health, exercising and the importance of looking after your wellbeing- inside and out!

“People of Clown Town- we are about to begin the biggest obstacle course EVER! Stay hydrated and have fun!”


The obstacle course began with bobbing apples! Everyone had to dunk their heads into a giant tub and grab an apple with their mouth!

Ranger Runaway went first and grabbed his apple straight away! He looked down and grabbed the first fact along with a clue.

“The average person needs at least 1 hour of active exercise every day!” Shouted Ranger Runaway. They all walked over to the next obstacles where everyone had to run in and out of obstacle cones. Once to the end there 10 star jumps to do a long with a silly Clown Town dance!

The town went up hills and down hills, over bridges and even had to do some swimming!


By then end of the obstacle course everyone was exaughsted- but couldn’t believe how much fun they had!

“But Timmy, as great as this was… we didn’t learn anything about being healthier!”

Timmy smiled and began to call out the facts he had given them all  and without them realising they had learnt all of these amazing facts through games and exercise!

“I know that exercising increases your brain performance!”

“I learnt that the more you exercise, the less often you get sick!”

“I learnt about resting not only physically but mentally!”


Timmy was so happy that he had taught everyone so fun facts and that hopefully; slowly but surely; everyone would becoming living and healthier lives!


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