Pirate Pete / Pirate Polly

The best Pirate party ing Hong Kong! Pirate Pete/Polly “The Parrot” Peterson is lonely. They needs some cheering up as all of his pirate friends have disappeared, and they are the last one left! The only thing is – they aren’t very good at being a pirate! Can your party of brigands and privateers help them? Silly games and adventures at sea, music and dancing and magic galore!

Our themed party packages are them most popular in Hong kong for good reason! We provide premium party entertainment with all of our performers being professionally trained from the UK or US. Book your pirate party today!

*Note: This character is played by both male and female performers. Your performer will be chosen for you based on our schedule and availability. The show and games rundown remain the same and our shows are designed to be suitable for both boys and girls.

We reserve the right to change the entertainer without prior notice – as all our performers are trained to the same standard.

1 Hr
1 hour
Package Includes:
35 mins interactive comedy magic show
25 mins Pirate Training (Themed Games)
1.5 Hrs
1.5 hours
Package Includes:
45 mins interactive comedy magic show
45 mins Pirate Training (Themed Games)
2 Hrs
2 hours
Package Includes:
50 mins interactive comedy magic show
1hr 10 mins Pirate Training (Themed Games)