Meet Princess Pandora

The best Princess Party in Hong Kong! Our very own princess! For every girl in HK this is a dream party! Have Princess Pandora come to your party and help her find her crown and then discover if you are a real princess! With princess certificates available for everyone!

Our themed party packages are them most popular in Hong kong for good reason! We provide premium party entertainment with all of our performers being professionally trained from the UK or US.

Princess Party games:

  • Princess walk Princess and the pea
  • Musical Statues
  • The frog prince
1 Hr
1 hour
Magic Show
30 mins comedy magic show
30mins Themed Party Games
1.5 Hrs
1.5 hours
Magic Show
40 mins comedy magic show
50mins Themed Party Games
2 Hrs
2 hours
Magic Show
45 mins comedy magic show
1 hr 15mins Themed Party Games