Rumple the Clown

Rumple the Clown is Hong Kong’s premier purveyor of children’s entertainment. A big kid himself, his one goal in life is to make children laugh! He succeeds 104% of the time through his over the top antics mostly involving his attempts at magic and his ability to get virtually everything wrong every single time. Kid and adults will be infected with his outrageous energy during our hilarious magic show and then everyone gets the chance to join in the fun during our awesome party games!

*Please note – if a male entertainer is unavailable we will send Squiggle Pop the Clown instead as they are interchangeable, provide the same show and games, and are perfect for both boys and girls.

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1 Hr
1 hour
Package Includes:
35 mins interactive magic show
25 mins Fun Party Games
1.5 Hrs
1.5 hours
Package Includes:
45 mins interactive magic show
45 mins Fun Party Games
2 Hrs
2 hours
Package Includes:
50 mins interactive magic show
1 hr 10 mins Fun Party Games