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Timmy the Trainer guides Rumple The Clown and Squiggle Pop through a huge adventurous play. It is a big task because this show is a brief history about EVERYTHING! Big Bang, atoms, protons, neutrons, meteor showers, evolution, planets – the list goes on. 

Science explained with songs, comedy and hilariousness! Educational, interactive and guaranteed fun!

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Rumple finds his Grandfathers favourite Top Hat, which, unbeknownst to him, allows Rumple to travel through time!

Rumple needs to collect as much information as possible before making it back in time for his class presentation!

This show sees Rumple travelling through different periods in time, from ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece and even the Chinese dynasty!

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Rumple the clown is running a marathon for his favourite charity. Now all he has to do is work out the total of his donations so he can complete his application!

He might just need the help of his friends, all of them…

This is a hilarious performance that looks at all things mathematic! *5% of the proceeds from this show will go directly to Mothers Choice!

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school drama shows hong kong

Rumple thinks he’s fallen in love with his funny classmate Squigglepop, but how does he show her how he feels?

Can you help declare his love? With poetry, adjectives, metaphors and similes, students will learn about the English language though this lively and hilarious performance!

Students will also have the chance to help Rumple on his mission by being involved in solving puzzles themselves!

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school drama shows hong kong

Rumple is a clown! The silliest and funniest clown

there ever was! Rumple’s uncle has just asked him to create a Circus for his birthday, unfortunately Rumple knows nothing about the Circus!

Follow Rumple on his journey to discover all things magical and watch him get into all sorts of trouble along the way!

Luckily Rumple has the best of friends to help him. Meet Astronaughty, Princess Pandora, Squiggle Pop and Super Rumple!

Help them save the day!

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Founded in 2012, Rumple and Friends have grown from one man and a suitcase to the most sought after children’s entertainment company in Hong Kong, performing at over 600 parties and events in 2018.

Our performers and entertainers are professionally trained from the UK or US and provide professional quality children’s theatre, magic shows and bespoke event entertainment.

Our performers and drama teachers have worked internationally and across Hong Kong for years producing incredible theatre for young people. We partner with only the top production or entertainment companies in Hong Kong to produce the highest quality drama services.

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