Attempting to not fall apart

So I can keep making excuses for not blogging, and I certainly have them. My mom visiting, too much work of all kinds, my personal slash social life slowly falling apart (through my own doing), constant nausea due to all of this (well, not my mom visiting…that was a good time.)

I just can’t seem to deal with my life right now (evidenced by me crying on the phone to my mom this morning for a good half hour), so I just need another couple days to process and see if things are going to work out before I can sit down and organize my thoughts about anything.

Sorry this is cryptic and depressing. I promise I’ll write a really awesome Mom weekend recap (complete with a large list of Boston restaurant recommendations found during said weekend) and some kind of update about my actual life super soon.

Until then, I hope your lives are far less confusing than mine.