Cause Marketing and Collaborative Impact

What do you get when you put a bunch of nonprofit stakeholders in a room for close to three hours?

Ideas, possibilities, and good intentions.

Being in a room full of local nonprofit leaders is a journey in lessons learned. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative impact session aimed at joining the resources of the Central Coast’s local nonprofit community. As a huge fan of collaboration, communication, and cause marketing, it was rewarding to be in a room full of people passionate about causes.

The aura we find in a room full of not-for-profit minded individuals is somewhat different from that of a room full of profit oriented marketers but that is, of course, to be expected. It’s also very debatable when we consider the fact that storytelling works regardless of profit orientation.

Several individuals in the room took the time to talk about the issues of the past and how individuals tend to get sidetracked by good ideas and unique possibilities. Some touted the fact that the cause marketing arena tends to revolve around a follow-the-leader (consultant, in this case) type mentality as opposed to focusing on collaborative impact and tangible results.

Questions raised included:

  • How do we align our resources?
  • What are some ways to move the needle of engagement forward?
  • Who are our cause champions?
  • How do we reach our communities?

You can imagine what it must have felt like for a brand strategist/communications specialist/digital marketing agency guy passionate about the role of branding in cause marketing to sit quietly.

Trust me when I say that a bullhorn couldn’t have been more appropriate.

A bullhorn would have allowed me to communicate in grand fashion the importance of branding and digital engagement in cause marketing. I would have loved to have had my hands on some maracas! Nonprofits throughout the Central Coast of California have common goals and some are leading the charge in how to effectively engage in cause marketing. But the truth of the matter is that there is what some (a cool dude in the audience) termed an issue with bridging the gap of motivated people, medieval institutions, and high powered technology.

How do we bridge the gap?

What are some ways to connect and engage our communities in today’s offline and digital environments?

Visibility marketing built on the synergies of social media, storytelling, branding, and strategic communications.

That’s how!