Failing at Blogging

And possibly life. At one point today, I was sitting in my new Prius (yes, it’s beautiful. It’s the ray of sunshine in my current cloud-covered life…) in the mall parking lot, in tears, on my “break” from work (you know, since the rest of the mall was closed, and I didn’t have time to drive anywhere by the time I discovered that, but I couldn’t possibly just walk about the store so…to the fuel-efficient sanctuary I went.)

So yeah…that was my day. And my night may or may not currently consist of Food Network, Goldfish crackers (during Passover, mind you, which I was doing SO WELL at keeping until I was forced by circumstance to eat at Chick-fil-A during another disastrous work break yesterday), and Manishevitz wine. Yes.

Because of how wonderfully cheery I’ve been these last few days, my whole attempt at NaBloPoMo has clearly failed. At least I got the failing out of the way early this time, unlike last November where I made it three weeks only to crumble in the last seven days.

I might have to start some countdowns to get through the next few work-filled weeks. It’s about a month until Senior Week in Boston, which consists of some fancy outings to Martha’s Vineyard, Quincy, and Fenway Park. The week will then end with a long-awaited Duck Tour with my whole extended family (Parents, grand-parents, sister, sister’s friend, Uncle D, cousins…) which I am BEYOND excited about (as my friends and I said on numerous occasions we were going to go and NEVER DID!) and a dinner party in my honor, complete with Sweet Cupcakes. Then of course, the whole shebang ends with graduation. Woot.

After that extravaganza, I have another month until the big move. It’s all finally starting to seem soon. I’m finally starting to feel ready. And now time will slow to a standstill. Of course.