He’s Just Not That Into You…

I headed up to Philly today to say goodbye to Jenny and Steve. Jenny’s visiting Steve as usual, before she heads back to NYC. They’re both my friends from Syracuse and they have a very complicated relationship.

While Steve was playing bball, Jen and I hung out at Starbucks and ended up having a conversation about our boy grumbles, as per usual. She complained about Steve and his commitment phobia, and I complained about Blake and my constant inability to understand how he feels about me.

Jenny was on a roll, when this older lady sitting behind us got up to go throw something away. As she stood up, she turned to Jenny and said “You just need to forget him! You should have boys begging to be with you. He’s crazy”

I exclaimed, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell her!”

The nice lady came back from the trash can, and added that she needs to read that “He’s not into you book.” We chatted a bit, and when she left, she wished her good luck. “It’s a new year! Time to start fresh!”

Oh the wisdom you pick up from random Starbucks patrons.

I should really take the same advice. I told Blake I had some stuff to deliver to him, and he asked if I wanted to just mail it to him. Because apparently he’s not planning on seeing me when I get to LA in two days? Because he’d rather just text message me. All. The. Time.

But, you know, that’s it. Because it’s not like he cried when he said goodbye to me. Or texted that he missed me for weeks after he left.