I’m free!

Amanda got to Australia safe and sound, after about three straight days of traveling. Apparently the flight was bumpy 75% if the time. Her words to me were, “I don’t think you would have lasted.” She also said she tried not to think about Lost too much. ::shudder:: I’m going to need some pills before I fly to California.

In other good news, the deposit check from my new subletter is in my hand. Well, sitting on my desk next to me.

So, it’s official! I am free of this apartment and ready to get the heck out of New York City. Glee. Sure, its 8 months after I should have been out there in the first place, but whatevski. I’m happy.

Tonight I will be attending the New York TV Festival party, as my last official New York social event. Fitting, since my first day of interning for them, I helped set up for and work a cocktail party for them, which was my first official New York social event. Should be fun. I have a supercute new dress to wear. There will be alcohol and people I haven’t seen in awhile. Maybe I can ask them if they have an California hookups.

I was going to go home tomorrow, but apparently a historic blizzard is going to hit overnight and for the next two days. So maybe I’ll be stranded in this apartment even longer. Goodie. The weather always seems to get in my way.

Three more days of semi-packing and watching The West Wing on Surfthechannel. What could be better? Meh.