Purpose in Social Media and Beyond

Saving Private Ryan is a film that at this very moment is trending on twitter. For good reason, this film won five Academy Awards! One of my favorite scenes in the film is where Tom Hanks tells Private Ryan “James… earn this. Earn it.”

Community managers and storytellers alike can learn a lot from this scene. There are numerous articles about the difference between paid, earned, and owned media. For this particular post, it serves us well to focus on the elements of earned media or earned attention across a fragmented audience environment.

How can we effectively establish profitable business relationships, unique customer experiences, and personal growth? How can we ‘earn’ attention, conversations, and share of voice?

By placing an importance on real purpose.

Today’s audiences are fully capable of recognizing authentic and real purpose.

Consider this direction, committment, and dedication as the real fuel that is sure to elevate your efforts in business and beyond.