Replacing Television with Photography

The last few days have been filled with nothing but work and playing with my new camera…and really, all I’m doing at work is playing with a very similar camera…so exciting blog posts have been hard to come by, unless you are just dying to read a little story that goes like this: Today I work up. I took a shower. I drove to work. I took pictures of a family. I drove home. I took pictures of my family. I watched insane amounts of television while cooking and eating dinner. I read blogs. I watched Jimmy Fallon (he’s getting better, right?). I went to bed. THE EXCITEMENT NEVER ENDS, I TELL YOU!

I figured instead of regaling you with that tale and instead of ignoring you all together, I should share some of the massive amounts of photos I’ve been taking, as that is all I can really offer except for maybe a rant about American Idol, which was my original plan. (I mean, picking Jasmine over Ricky?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, IDOL!? *Deep Breaths* Just remember Anoop….and that Tatiana is gone…gooodddd….breathe….) I swear, if that show wasn’t so culturally relevant and full of potential train wrecks, I’d stop watching. (For a very close description of my thoughts, visit Michael Slezak at Entertainment Weekly.)

Now that I got that ALL THAT off my chest, onto some photos! On our drive home from Food Heaven, aka Trader Joe’s, I noticed the light was beautiful (for once), so my mom suggested we go on walk through a nearby park with her beloved dog, Sookie. I love my mother both for suggesting this and for putting up with my obnoxious picture taking (and for learning to be a kick ass model for me.) Thanks, mom! Everyone should tell her how pretty she is. Seriously, I’m going to look AMAZING in 20 years.