Rising up, back on the streets

Hanging out in Baltimore at my friend Hope’s house. She’s watching the Ravens game. I’m taking a break from football, since the Steelers are comfortably in the playoffs already.

Last night I slept over at my aunt and uncles house and my cousins and I played a lot of Rock Band. Fun times all around. They, being 16 and 11, were much more fun to play with than my 8 year old cousins. 8 year olds are irrational and don’t like to let their older cousins have turns. They also play the same two songs over and over again, because they have a limited musical knowledge. If I ever here “Eye of the Tiger” again, I’ll scream.

So the Brown family extravaganza was pretty fun. Sort of tiring and sort of gave me a three day headache. Kids are a lot to take. When my one little cousin was saying goodbye, he went to give me a hug, and then slapped me in the face instead. And then laughed. Oooh, children. Heh heh.

Also, because Amanda is gone, I didn’t get a stocking this year. And everyone else in the family got a Wii except us. Ha.

So I’m going to LA a week from tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll find a job so I can finally have an answer to give people when they ask. I’ve just started making stuff up for people I don’t really know. I’m so sick of explaining my life. When I went to get my haircut last week, I just pretended to be from Delaware and I pretended to have a job. I really just didnt feel like putting forth the effort to explain anything. So sick of it.

I also hate explaining that no, I don’t have a job lined up. You can’t line up jobs in the entertainment industry unless you’re real well connected. Blarg. I’m not an accountant!

Ok, back to pretending to care about the Ravens game. Can’t wait to see Amandini next week.