“Run, run away from crazy snake man, they’ll shout!”

I feel sad that my post made Amanda cry more. I wish she were here and not sad! I also hope she brings me back an Australian boyfriend.

We’ll make up for it with the “Amanda gives Steph a tour of LA” fun times we’re gonna have in a week and a half. Ahh! A week and half. That just freaked me out a bit. New life ready go.

Days 1 and 2 of the festivities were fairly fun. Yesterday didn’t feel too much like Christmas, since I got no stocking or presents, and we didn’t eat ham loaf. But whatevs. Hearing about all my cousins’ presents and friends’ presents was good enough for me.

Speaking of cousins, my 11 yr old cousin Grace is now almost as tall as me, and my 16 yr old cousin Taylor now towers over me in his tallness. I told them I remember when they were babies. And then I realized that I sounded like one of those old aunts who pinches your cheeks and squeals “OH, how much you’ve grown!” And that scared me. Being an adult is lame.

The most amusing part of the night was around the dinner table when we somehow got to talking about weddings, and every family member recounted a funny story from his or her wedding. This made me laugh while also making me feel like an old maid when I realized that all of these stories took place when my relatives/parents were younger than I am now. I’m going to be a cat lady.

The best story was recounted by my 98 year old great grandmother, who got married in 1934 during the Depression. Her wedding was dry, but apparently her photographer showed up wasted. So, all her pictures came out sideways or blurry. Then my dad told us the story of how he got his best friend completely drunk at his bachelor party, and then left him in the basement of the bride-to-be’s parents. Oh Brown family stories.

This conversation was ended by Grace asking if “We could please talk about something in this century.” Ha.

Now my mom and I are prepping the house for the Hanukkah party tonight. I’m starving myself as long as possible so I have room for all the brisket, latkes and challah that will be inhaled by me later tonight. Off to the grocery store!