Senioritis: It’s Real and It’s Powerful

Today I finished my last assignment for my photography class, and my character bio fro my acting class. This leaves the amount of things I have to do before I finish college at two: memorize and present a final scene in acting and finish revising my plays.

It’s amazing that I got those two things done today, as I have zero motivation to do ANYTHING. I think its the fact that I had only four things to accomplish in three weeks (and now only two things…), so I figure I can keep putting them off.

I also think its because I have a guaranteed job offer as long as I don’t fail my classes, which is doubtful at this point. I never thought I’d get senioritis as bad as I had it in high school, but I’m suffering really bad.

All I want to do is watch “Friday Night Lights” on my computer and read my super expensive hardback books. Thank god I have an excuse to not do work for the next three days.