Social Media and The Power of Delight

Brands and consumers alike all come to a chasm of what some term ‘stream fatigue’. The emergence of social media combined with the speed of technology has created an environment of information overload. The marketing and communications environment we face is a crowded arena where inspiration, motivation, and ideation can oftentimes be hard to come by.

The beauty of a crowded space is built on the existence of opportunities for unique gems and inspiration filled treasures to stand out. The potential for influence and engagement resides in the silver lining of today’s cloudy and copycat business envrionment.

Consumers crave differentiation.

A focus on being different highlights the experience and propels customer service to new heights moving the needle of satisfaction from engaged to pure buzz-infused viral-primed delight. This is where many fail in their use of social media. They fail to grasp the concept of meaningful interactions that spark a unique chord with today’s audiences.

Consumers don’t want more tweets or sponsored stories. Instead, they crave delight and world-class customer service. Success in social media is built on having a mindset focused on creating thriving fans one customer at a time.

Every interaction is an opportunity to be delightful.

Delight spreads.