The Great Car Dilemma

Remember how I mentioned my car shopping dilemma? New vs. Hybrid? Well, today that question got a whole lot harder.

When searching for cars in the past few weeks, I’d really only found one that I was seriously considering: A new Chevy Colbalt. It’s a good price, so I can afford to get a new one with all the extras I want – XM radio, blue tooth, navigation, and best of all, an iPod plug-in. (Podcasts on the road!? Yes, please!!) They aren’t the highest rated cars, and we all know GM isn’t doing super well, but I’d be getting a lot for my money, and it’s a cute little car. (Just for reference: it’s the car I drove all last semester in LA, so I almost feel like I’ve already owned one.)

As much as I like the Cobalt, though, in the back of my mind, I’ve really been wanting a hybrid car. I’ve always thought that when I got the chance to get a new car, I would have to get a hybrid. I mean, not only would I get to save money on gas, but I also would get to save time! (I hate hate HATE getting gas, but who doesn’t?) Sadly I’ve realized while shopping that all new hybrids are out of my price range. Not wanting to give up on my hybrid dream, I did a little research and saw that ‘06 Civic Hybrids and ‘05 Prius’s were good used hybrids, so I stashed that pieced of info in the back of my mind and figured if I came upon one, then great, (and if it happened to be a pretty, beautiful blue Prius, even better) if not, a Cobalt would certainly do.

So with that info tucked away, I went with my parents to the Toyota dealership today to look at cars for them, when I happened upon, what else, but a pretty, beautiful blue ’05 Prius…in my price range. Was it fate? I don’t know, but I do know it’s what I’ve always said I wanted. The catch? No fancy add ons. No leather seats with seat warmers. No navigation. No *gulp* iPod plug-in (which was, I’m embarrassed to say, the measure I was using on all other cars).

It’s hard for me to give up the car I’ve always said I wanted just because it doesn’t have bells and whistles I didn’t even know I wanted or could afford until last week, but it’s also hard to pay as much for a used car as I would pay for a brand new one with more features (although I would save a lot on gas…).

So that is my dilemma. Dream car with some miles on it or alright new car with some sweet extras. I have to decide by Monday (with my self-imposed deadline) so I’ll keep you updated, as I’m sure you are all on the edge of your seat about my future car purchase.