The V.I.P. Treatment

A customer walks into your establishment interested in making a purchasing decision. How do you respond? Do you evaluate this person’s attire? Do you take a peak outside to see if they’re driving a Mercedes? Is an attempt made to measure this new visitor against the scales of an A and B customer?

The essence of customer service and the arena of social media place an enormous responsibility on today’s brands to rethink their strategy. Gone are the days where one could simply ignore or look past a potential buyer. The social media and customer relationship landscape places a significant importance on recognizing the value of each and every customer that visits your website or walks through the door.

The potential for a public relations crisis and customer service dilemma is magnified because of the massive audience and armies of influence made possible through word of mouth and social media.

How you treat your customers has always been important but today’s environment is a whole new playing field making it vital that marketers appreciate the value and potential of their customer base. Each transaction is an opportunity to perform and over deliver.

Why not give that new customer the V.I.P. treatment and turn them into another raving fan, brand advocate, and satisfied customer?