To be a normal person

This weekend, I somehow didn’t have that much work to do once I sat down to do it. I’m not sure how I this happened, if it is a sign of to things to come or just a happy coincidence, but because of it, this weekend, I actually had time to go to a party, throw a party, have lunch with my sister, lounge by the pool, read outside, watch six episodes of Freaks and Geeks with Grace, and eat ice cream with Jillian. I’m kind of nervous, though, because I feel like maybe I should’ve done more, like I got sucked into the mindset of the three day weekend and didn’t do nearly enough to prepare for the rest of the week.

I have, however, remembered how great it feels to be a normal person. In order to keep this feeling up, I’m going (attempt to) commit to finding time to do some things for my own sanity:

1) Work out! – I haven’t worked out since before Institute, which is horrifying on a number of levels. Jillian found this awesome dance/yoga studio within walking distance of our apartment, so I’m going to go to a class tomorrow. I’m hoping it goes well, because it would be super convenient, and it looks fun (and stress relieving!)

2) Actually Use my Camera – I’ve been looking longingly at my beautiful, sad, unused Nikon for almost as long as I haven’t been working out. I can’t remember the last time I used it…oh wait, it was in Vegas! Ridiculous. I really miss just going out and finding awesome, little things to take pictures of. I’m going to try to out go at least once a week or once every two weeks and take some pictures. I doubt I’ll do anything with them, but just doing it should be relaxing.

3) Blog/Read Blogs – I’m done complaining about not blogging. I want to be able to process what’s going on in my life and record it in some way. I also don’t want to let all my blog friendships die a slow sad death. I’m going to start again. Seriously guys. Seriously.

Ok, I think that’s all I can add in to my life right now. My sanity is resting on my ability to find time to do these things, so pray for my success. Ok. Go.