Where Community Organizing and Social Media Collide

The overall focus of the conference held at Allan Hancock College was bridging the gap between community organizing and today’s new media tools. Of course, as a new media connoisseur it was a can’t miss opportunity to participate in an event where social media and technology were the stars of the show.

In fact, at one point we had the exciting privelege of conferencing in Juan SepĂșlveda, Director, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, via Skype! The audience was locked in and impressed with this unique experience which showcased the power of today’s new media communication tools. Mission accomplished!

Overall, the conference was a beginning point for what is sure to be landmark activity in creating a groundswell of momentum that impacts the Latinosphere on multiple fronts from community organizing, marketing, public relations, and education to voter engagement, health, job growth, and beyond.

Activate! Spark! Inspire!