Why Social Media Crisis Management is Critical to Your Brand

The speed of technology combined with the power of word-of-mouth activity creates a volatile marketplace for today’s brands. The communication environment we find ourselves in is by no means an arena for the faint of heart. Audiences are savvy, connected, and armed with the exponential maginitism of social media.

For many brands, a crisis is bound to occur. It might be small in nature such as a simple miscommunication or grandiose in scope. Think BP, Carnival Cruises etc. These are all of course very unfortunate events and my heart goes out to those affected. Nonetheless, what this reminds us as communication specialists is that no matter the size or level of a crisis consumers are tapped in to who we are, the things we broadcast, and what we stand for as a brand.

There’s a label that should be attached to every single social network focused on people.

“Handle with care.”